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Kampala - Civil Society Organizations under the Budget advocacy group have called for increased funding for the Ministry of Trade, Industry and cooperatives if the country will make significant strides towards achieving the middle income status in four years.

This follows a budgetary cut to the ministry for the financial year 2017/18 from shs. 108 billion in 2016/17 to a meager Shs 94.39 billion for the financial year 2017/18.

The Ministry of Finance allocated only 0.4% of the National Budget to the ministry of Trade, Industry and Cooperatives in the forthcoming budget for the financial year 2017/18.

Jane Nalunga of Seatin-Uganda says the ministry has many important arms that aid production, but are all underfunded to carry out their mandates. She singles out the Uganda National Bureau of Standards that regulates the standards of the products produced in the country. She says the bureau is so weak due to limited funding that it cannot reach out to several industries and other production vessels. Byte – Jane Nalunga

Nalunga also says the Uganda Industrial Research Institute that carries out research on Industrialization also receives meager funding to do research on the sector.

She says all these arms are responsible for production in the country that would create employment and sustainable income for the youths. Nalunga says the Uganda Export Promotion Board under the same ministry deserves to be fairly funded if exports would make significant economic impact. Byte – Jane Nalunga

She says the exports from Uganda have dwindled due to high competition, yet the board cannot promote the products on the international market. Agnes Kirabo of the food rights network says the ministry of finance planning and economic development needs to adopt an approach that would promote people focused budgeting, that would address service provision.

Kirabo says on several occasions the national budget has not responded to the economic needs of the people Byte-Agnes Kirabo

She says the quality of the agricultural products is poor, as a result of poor funding. She raps Government for giving a tax exemption to imported rice from Pakistan, saying it would solve the consumption needs, but would in turn hurt the local rice farmers in the country.

Government instituted the tax exemption in the next financial year 2017/18 to lower the price of rice on the local market. The exemption will run for at least one year.



By UTN Reporter

Amolator Womn MP Doreen Amule survived mob justice, and was reduced to nothing by residents in her district, when they shouted her down and grabbed a microphone from her, reportedly for supporting the lifting of the presidential age limit.


Exim Bank of Tanzania has taken over majority shareholding and operations of Imperial Bank Uganda. The Tanzanian Bank has attained 58.6% of shareholding in Imperial Bank, formerly owned by Mukwano Group, after months of financial uncertainty and liquidation. Exim Bank of Tanzania is trying to establish its foot prints in


Kampala; Government has launched the Uganda Women Entrepreneur Program that seeks to finance women’s capacity to grow and expand their business as well as accessing market for their products.

Under the auspices of the ministry of Gender, Labor and Social Development, UWEP as


Jailed former Kampala Central Police Station commander ASP Aaron Baguma who is facing murder charges has not been produced before Buganda Road Court by Kigo prisons authorities as he was reportedlky sick.

Jackson Musinguzi , a principal officer at Kigo prison where Baguma


Supreme Court: The Electoral Commission, EC has finally been moved by the immense pressure from the Supreme Court and have availed the legal team representing Amama Mbabazi in his petition in which he is seeking to nullify the victory of President Museveni.

The availing of the declaration forms to the Mbabazi legal team, was made by defense


Following the recent violence in South Sudan that claimed hundreds of lives and displacing many, UTN unearths the secret behind the July 7th fighting between the two rival military factions in the youngest African Nation. Major fighting erupted outside the presidential compound as President Salva Kiir was meeting with the then first vice president Dr. Riek Machar, a former rebel leader.

Go Forward Outs Aine Video

Presidential Hopeful Amama Mbabazi’s Go Forward have release a video of security fugitive Christopher Aine pleading for peace and Justice. The Sixteen Minutes video shows Aine speaking with little ease, in a dark background, preferably a hideout but seemingly free from arrest.


Kampala - The European Elections Observer Mission to Uganda has dispatched off Observer teams to different parts of the Country in preparations for the February 18th General election.

The teams dispatched this Morning from the Sheraton Hotels in Kampala comprised of a total of


By UTN Reporter

Kampala – The land Division of the High Court in Kampala has issued an arrest warrant to a One Josephine Nantaya Kabusu widow to Wilfred Kabusu the heir of Yoana Mulo Mugwanya son to Late Buganda Legend Stanislaus Mugwanya.

The arrest Warrant has been issued for 14th July 2017 by the Registrar Justine Atukwasa following continued failure by Josephine Nantaya Kabusu to disobey court orders that refrained her from selling, dealing in land in question.

Nantaya Kabusu was found guilty of contempt of court together with her sons Robert Ndidde and Musiitwa James.

The trial Magistrate subsequently sentenced Nantaaya to two weeks in Prison for contempt of court while her two sons Robert Ndidde and Musiitwa James were fined 60m and 30m respectively for their continued disobeying of Court order; contempt of Court., “A warrant of arrest is issued to detain the 1st Respondent (Josephine Nantaya Kabuusu) in civil prison for two weeks” reads part of the order issued by Registrar.

the 2nd and 3rd Respondents are directed to pay a fine of Shs. 60.000.000/= ( Sixty Million ) and Shs. 30.000.000/= ( Thirty Million ) in court respectively order further reads.

The widow ( Josephine Nantaya Kabuusu) has also been directed to deposit in court the original grant to the estate of the late Wilfred Kabusu till the matter is disposed.

Lands Registrar Otto Michael Gulumale on 16th April 2015 issued interim order refraining Nantaya together with her sons from selling, dealing in Land in question belonging to Kabusu and Yoana Mulo until disposal of the said land.

However Nantaya and her sons disobeyed the said orders and continued selling the said land in question.

The land in question is comprised on Blocks 333-335 Kyengera Nabingo, block 328/338 Buganga Mawokota, Block 88 Bukerere, block 8 Rubaga Kyadondo, Block 21 Busega and Block 82-83-85 Kasai Kyagwe among others all these estates of Late Stanslaus Mugwanya, Yoana Mulo Mugwanya and Wilfred Mugwanya Kabusu.

Nantaaya Kabuusu was dragged to court by Mulo Mugalasi Michael a brother to the late Kabuusu accusing Kabusu’s widow Nantaya of unlawfully undertaking letters of administration to take charge of both estates that belonged to late Kabusu and also taking over family properties which Kabusu was administering on behalf of the family.

Mulo Mugalasi Michael a brother to the late Kabusu through his lawyers of Ssenkumba and Co Advocates insist that a widow can’t take charge of all properties both belonging to late Kabusu and also that which belonged to their grandfather Stanislaus Mugwanya one of the legends of Sir Apollo Kagwa.

Mulo Mugalasi Michael now wants Kampala High Court Lands Division to make audit of the land in Question and also stream line estate of their Father Yoana Mulo Mugwanya and that of his late brother Wilfred Kabusu Mugwanya.