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Kampala - Boda Boda Cyclists in Kampala have launched a Cooperative Society that will enable them access affordable Motor Cycles on credit.

The Union coded Kampala Civic Centre Boda Boda Transporters Cooperative Society-KCCBT was launched today in Kampala with a credit facility named Piki-Credit through which members will be advanced motor cycles with an initial deposit of five hundred thousand shilling-500,000/- only.

The cooperative Chairman William Mubiru says the cooperative has about 130 members, from different boda-boda stages in Kampala and Wakiso districts who are all saving in the society.

He says the cooperative has a vision to provide other several services away from transport including courier services, produce marketing, mechanical services, real estate among other ventures to re-image the industry.

Byte-Chairman William Mubiru

The cyclists expressed gratitude to the service, as one that will elevate their status, enrich them through a bond that focuses on their personal development.


The Piki-Credit initiative is driven by Freedom Fund Enterprise a cooperative arm of Uhuru Institute. A beneficiary is expected to complete the repayment of a loan in 16 months to start off a journey of financial freedom.

The Chief Executive Officer Uhuru Institute Leonard Okello argued the cooperative members to embrace the initiative to have financial freedom. Okello says the members should work to improve the industry by elevating it to another better level by exploring other business opportunities.

Byte-Leonard Okello-CEO Uhuru

He argued the leadership of the cooperative to desist from mixing the functions of the cooperative into politics, as this will crash the entire body and destroy its objectives.

The Boda-Boda industry in Uganda employs up to 7% of the Country's population with majority of whom in urban and semi centres. The industry however is blamed for high levels of unlawlessness, accidents and easily used by selfish politicians to attain personal goals.

The Uganda Police has often initiated training and civic education among the cyclists with limited success reportedly due to low levels of education.



By UTN Reporter

Hoima - The Uganda Peoples Defense Forces (UPDF) has heavily deployed armed men in several forest reserves Hoima, Kibale and other districts in Bunyoro Kingdom. The reserves that are under intense army deployment include Bugoma Central Reserve, Kagombe Forest Reserve, Kanaga and Gurama forests reserves all in Kibale District.

Nssf Launches Blood Donation Drive

Kampala - The National Social Security Fund in conjunction with Uganda Blood Transfusion Services has launched a one week blood donation campaign within Kampala. The drive that is to be conducted in the three locations of Worker’s House, Constitutional Square and Clock Tower is expected to yield 1200units of blood. Summoning the entire population to actively engage in the exercise


Police in Sheema District western region is holding 12 suspected cattle robbers causing sleepless nights with animal robbery on the increase in the region.

The Greater Bushenyi Regional Police Commander Musani Michael Sabira


The Opposition Forum for Democratic Change calls for public civil disobedience Campaign in support to Dr Kiiza Besigye apparently incarcerated at him Home in Kasangati, Wakiso District. Police pitched camp at Dr Besigye’s home on the election eve, 17th March 2016. Now the leadership at the Najjanankumbi


Masaka-State minister for Microfinance Haruna Kyeyune Kasolo has asked medics to start up private income generating ventures instead of fighting for salary increments which may not be possible in the near future. The Minister says, since the medics work in shifts, they should utilize the time when they are not on duty to monitor or run their other businesses than demanding for


The former FDC flag bearer Dr. Kiiza Besigye has revealed that the choice of the leadership of the opposition in parliament was a party mandate. Besigye was responding to the question on whether the party leadership in parliament was misrepresented when the party President Maj Gen Mugisha Muntu choose to have a leader of opposition in Parliament a matter that was seen to accept


IGANGA-The move by Members of Parliament to exempt their allowances of taxes has taken a new twist with Anti-graft bodies engaging the rural communities to fight against the move. The Anti-Corruption Coalition, Busoga region is the latest to wage a scathing war against the legislators who want to stop the tax body from taxing their allowances totaling to over shs. 8m.


Kampala - The judiciary has launched a new closed circuit audio-visual evidence taking link technology to bolster the process of receiving evidences from the most vulnerable witnesses in court. The audio-visual link will help the court circuits across the country receive evidence without a person physically appearing in court to give evidence.

Regional Police CID’s In Training

Kampala - Police Investigators in the East African region have camped in Kampala for a one week refresher Training in methodology and didactic s investigations. The criminal detectives with a specialty in cyber crime related total to 20 from Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda. The One Million Dollar project will center much on equipping the 20 officers with skills in special Police forensic