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By Otim Norbert

The former Inspector General of Police, Gen Kale Kayihura, has finally regained his freedom after securing bail from the Gen Court Martial siting at Makindye.

Kaihura’s release was after he lured two of the top UPDF Generals; Maj Gen Sam Kavuma and Maj Gen James Mugira, to stand as sureties to enable him secure freedom.

Gen Kayihura has been in detention since June at the Makindye Military Police headquarters on allegations relating to failure to protect war materials and abetting kidnap.

Gen Kavuma is Deputy Land Forces Commander and also a former aide-de-camp to President Museveni while Gen Mugira is the head of the National Enterprise Corporation (NEC), the army’s business arm and also a former chief of Military Intelligence. Gen Kayihura was granted a Shs 10million non cash bail, whereas his sureties too to execute a Sh 5 Million bond, not cash

Court was brought to laughter’s when the Chairman General Gen Andrew Gutti asked the Entebbe Municipality MP Rose Tumusiime on whether she can compel a General to appear in court and also to explain to court what links her with the Generals.

Gen Kayihura has been directed to stay in the districts of Kampala and Wakiso and not to travel abroad unless permitted by GCM.

In his bail application, Kayihura had told that he needed to travel to Nairobi for treatment.

Gen Gutti in his ruling, stated that while Kayihura’s offences are grave in nature and attract the maximum death sentence, the court could not disregard these factors and also the fact that he is a first time offender.

APPARENTLY Some of Uganda’s four-star generals- many retired include President Museveni, his brother Salim Saleh, a senior presidential adviser on Defence matters, First Deputy Prime Minister Moses Ali, Security minister Elly Tumwine and State minister for Works Katumba Wamala.

It is alleged that between 2010 and 2018, Gen Kayihura allowed issuance of arms and ammunitions to unauthorised persons, including Boda Boda 2010 head Abdullah Kitatta, who is also being tried by the court martial.

Gen Kayihura also allegedly failed to supervise and ensure accountability for arms and ammunition issued to units referred to as specialized under his office. It is also alleged that the ex-IGP between 2012 and 2016, by omission and commission, aided and abetted the actions of subordinate police officers and others on various occasions, without hindrance to kidnap and illegally repatriate Rwandan exiles, refugees and Ugandan citizens to Rwanda.




The Deputy Commander of the Air Force Brig Sam Kavuma has been promoted to Major General and appointed deputy Commander Land Forces.


By UTN Reporter

Kampala. The judicially has started the process to retire the controversial Deputy Chief Justice Steven Kavuma who turns 70yrs on 29th September.


It was color and pomp at State House Entebbe as President Museveni was hosting dignitaries, politicians, churchmen, and other guests at the Annual Thanks Giving Service. Media gurus, artists, Comedians, Members of Parliament and notable businessmen were among the revelers at the annual event that turns State House into an open prayer ground.


By UTN Reporter

Kampala – The land Division of the High Court in Kampala has issued an arrest warrant to a One Josephine Nantaya Kabusu widow to Wilfred Kabusu the heir of Yoana Mulo Mugwanya son to Late Buganda Legend Stanislaus Mugwanya.

The arrest Warrant has been issued for 14th July 2017 by the Registrar Justine Atukwasa following continued failure by Josephine Nantaya Kabusu to disobey court orders that refrained her from selling, dealing in land in question.

Nantaya Kabusu was found guilty of contempt of court together with her sons Robert Ndidde and Musiitwa James.

The trial Magistrate subsequently sentenced Nantaaya to two weeks in Prison for contempt of court while her two sons Robert Ndidde and Musiitwa James were fined 60m and 30m respectively for their continued disobeying of Court order; contempt of Court., “A warrant of arrest is issued to detain the 1st Respondent (Josephine Nantaya Kabuusu) in civil prison for two weeks” reads part of the order issued by Registrar.

the 2nd and 3rd Respondents are directed to pay a fine of Shs. 60.000.000/= ( Sixty Million ) and Shs. 30.000.000/= ( Thirty Million ) in court respectively order further reads.

The widow ( Josephine Nantaya Kabuusu) has also been directed to deposit in court the original grant to the estate of the late Wilfred Kabusu till the matter is disposed.

Lands Registrar Otto Michael Gulumale on 16th April 2015 issued interim order refraining Nantaya together with her sons from selling, dealing in Land in question belonging to Kabusu and Yoana Mulo until disposal of the said land.

However Nantaya and her sons disobeyed the said orders and continued selling the said land in question.

The land in question is comprised on Blocks 333-335 Kyengera Nabingo, block 328/338 Buganga Mawokota, Block 88 Bukerere, block 8 Rubaga Kyadondo, Block 21 Busega and Block 82-83-85 Kasai Kyagwe among others all these estates of Late Stanslaus Mugwanya, Yoana Mulo Mugwanya and Wilfred Mugwanya Kabusu.

Nantaaya Kabuusu was dragged to court by Mulo Mugalasi Michael a brother to the late Kabuusu accusing Kabusu’s widow Nantaya of unlawfully undertaking letters of administration to take charge of both estates that belonged to late Kabusu and also taking over family properties which Kabusu was administering on behalf of the family.

Mulo Mugalasi Michael a brother to the late Kabusu through his lawyers of Ssenkumba and Co Advocates insist that a widow can’t take charge of all properties both belonging to late Kabusu and also that which belonged to their grandfather Stanislaus Mugwanya one of the legends of Sir Apollo Kagwa.

Mulo Mugalasi Michael now wants Kampala High Court Lands Division to make audit of the land in Question and also stream line estate of their Father Yoana Mulo Mugwanya and that of his late brother Wilfred Kabusu Mugwanya.

Mbabazi: Uganda’s Debt Written Off

Kampala - The Go Forward Presidential hopeful John Patrick Amama Mbabazi says the outstanding debts owed to the Ugandan government was waived off through the Epic program.


Kampala-The ministry in charge of disaster preparedness wants all Ugandans of sound mind to undergo disaster management drills in order to be prepared whenever disaster occurs. With the rain season on and frequent earthquake incidences, the Minister Musa Ecweru says disaster prone areas continue to put Government on tension as many lives are at a risk.


Gulu – Democratic Party President Norbert Mao and a host of other opposition politicians in Gulu have argued Ugandans to remain strong and resist intimidation from the military and the Police as the country braces itself for the much anticipated Presidential and Parliamentary Elections the week.

Mao led the chorus after gathering a cross section of


Preliminary results in the Feb polls indicates that several incumbent have lost especially those from the ruling NRM Party..

Among these include some Ministers more so those who


Kampala - Unlike flora which live by feeding using tap and buttress roots sucking water and other food nutrients from the ground, human beings feed by use of the mouth which makes it a significant part of their body.Oral calamity is identified as problem affecting the largest percentage of world populations. This phenomenon arises from careless and insufficient oral