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President Museveni has commissioned a ceramics tiles industry in Kapeeka, with a production capacity of 40,000 square meters per day.

Sitting on 26 acres of land and situated in the Liao Shen Industrial Park, the company was established in May last year with an investment capital of US$30million. It commenced production in April this year with an output capacity of 40,000 square meters of tiles per day and about 200 different tile designs.

The factory manufactures and supplies well coated tiles made from over 90% locally sourced raw materials from all corners of Uganda to serve both local and neighboring countries’ markets. The enterprise has been able to create about 2,000 jobs for both skilled and non-skilled employees.

President Museveni urged the concerned government authorities, like the Uganda Investment Authority (UIA), to ease the process of acquiring work permits by investors, adding that these would help to improve the investment climate in the country.

“It is not right to make these permits so expensive. UIA must automatically resolve these matters for all factories instead of making investors beg and lobby,” he said.

Mr. Museveni appreciated the Chinese people for the big contribution that they have made in Uganda. He added that with the new ceramic industry, Uganda has been able to save US$35 million that would have been lost through using imported tiles.

“The factory here alone will earn US$50 million and employ 2000 people. You can see the potential of these industries,” he noted.

On matters of environment, he warned against people encroaching on wetlands saying that the wetlands are very vital in preserving water for crops and for factory use. Mr. Museveni promised to chase the local leaders like Chief Administrative Officers (CAOs) if they did not stop people from encroaching on the swamps.

Trade, Industry and Cooperatives Minister, Hon. Amelia Kyambadde thanked President Museveni for equipping the rural and urban youth with capital and equipment that has helped them get jobs. She commended Goodwill Ceramics Company for the good quality products that it is producing affordable price.

“I encourage Ugandans to buy their products. I have already bought these products. Ugandans must change their mindsets of thinking that local products are not good. We used to talk about commodity trade, now we talk about value addition,” she said.

State Minister for Privatization and Investment, Hon. Evelyn Anite was happy to note that Uganda is increasingly encouraging the establishment of manufacturing industries that have promoted the production and consumption of these products by the local and international markets. She added that this was possible because of the peace brought by President Museveni and the good government incentives given to investors.

The Managing Director of Goodwill, Mr. Frank Yang thanked the President and the Government of Uganda for clearly demonstrating support to investors in Uganda by allowing them to grow development roots in the country. He hailed Mr. Museveni for the peace and security that he has created which has been conducive for the ceramic company to be established. He also hailed the people of Kapeeka for their loyalty, professionalism and support. Mr. Yang further appreciated Gen. Salem Saleh, for having offered tremendous support during the beginnings of the company.

He assured the President that production of tiles from Uganda will contribute to industrialization, increased revenue and creation of jobs in Uganda. He was happy to note that since the production process started, the price of tiles in Uganda has been reduced drastically by 25%.

“This company will reduce the dependency that Uganda has been having in buying imported tiles,” he said.

During the ceremony, President Museveni pledged Shs.20 million to Kapeeka SACCO and donated a motorcycle to the Chairman of Kapeeka in form of cash.


Maize Ordinance

Nakaseke district local government together with Famers have enacted and passed the first ever historical Ordinance to regulate Maize production in the district and attract a better market to allow development in the area.


Kampala - Matters relating to sexual harassment continue to be a debate amongst the intellectuals as many wonders how a Lecturer negates his role and instead become nonsense by harassing students for sex. Parents, dons and activities seemed mesmerized on hearing testimonies how female students are often sexually harassed in disguise of marks.


Kampala: A group of Election Observers from the Forum of Parliaments of the International Conference on the Great Lakes Region have advised the Ugandan Electoral commission to consider delivering voting materials a day before to the polling date.

This was revealed by the observer’s delegation report on the

Mbabazi: Uganda’s Debt Written Off

Kampala - The Go Forward Presidential hopeful John Patrick Amama Mbabazi says the outstanding debts owed to the Ugandan government was waived off through the Epic program.


By Shakira Namatende

The cooperative Union in Uganda will Wednesday submit their views to Parliament on the proposed Cooperative Societies Bill 2014.

The bill seeks to regulate groupings in the category of

Cooperative Unions that are taking a strong mobilization wave in the Country side.

The cooperative Union is seen as a strong force that draws people together into uniformity seeking to address their economic and financial challenges.

As one of the activities to celebrate the International Cooperative Week, cooperators in Uganda will submit their views to the Parliamentary Committee on Trade, seeking for among other things an independent ministry, and fully fledged cooperative bank, and a degree of autonomy from their mother ministry of Trade.

They cooperators led by Uhuru Institute for Social Development will also carry out a tree planting campaign as a gesture to restore the environment.

Earlier on, the same body flanked by Uganda Cooperative Alliance donated blood in different Blood Banks countrywide, as a social responsibility gesture.

In Kampala, it was held at the Constitutional

Square, and a total of 15,000 units of blood were collected country wide.

As Leonard Okello the Chief Executive Officer Uhuru Institute explains, the country has a dire need for blood, a resource that is not manufactured anywhere, but human generosity determines its availability.


The Institute partnered with Nakasero Blood Bank in this campaign with a target of at least 20,000 units of blood country wide.

Okello says the cooperators work towards an improved livelihood of the society, economic independence and improved healthy labor force for the country.

Byte………..Leonard Okello

Lilian Nantambi from the Nakasero Blood Bank say the collection is significant an will work to reduce the need across the country.

Byte……… Lilian Nantambi (Blood Donor Recruiter




Kasangati Magistrates Court has 17th March as the hearing date for the application filed by FDC Presidential candidate Dr Kizza Besigye, who is seeking orders to have the police that has camped outside his Kasangati residence evicted with immediate effect.

The FDC flag bearer filed the application through his lawyers last week.


After spending over two months in prison, former presidential candidate Kizza Besigye has been released on bail of shillings 100m not cash.

While releasing the runner-up of the February 18 presidential elections, presiding judge


By UTN Reporter

Kampala – The land Division of the High Court in Kampala has issued an arrest warrant to a One Josephine Nantaya Kabusu widow to Wilfred Kabusu the heir of Yoana Mulo Mugwanya son to Late Buganda Legend Stanislaus Mugwanya.

The arrest Warrant has been issued for 14th July 2017 by the Registrar Justine Atukwasa following continued failure by Josephine Nantaya Kabusu to disobey court orders that refrained her from selling, dealing in land in question.

Nantaya Kabusu was found guilty of contempt of court together with her sons Robert Ndidde and Musiitwa James.

The trial Magistrate subsequently sentenced Nantaaya to two weeks in Prison for contempt of court while her two sons Robert Ndidde and Musiitwa James were fined 60m and 30m respectively for their continued disobeying of Court order; contempt of Court., “A warrant of arrest is issued to detain the 1st Respondent (Josephine Nantaya Kabuusu) in civil prison for two weeks” reads part of the order issued by Registrar.

the 2nd and 3rd Respondents are directed to pay a fine of Shs. 60.000.000/= ( Sixty Million ) and Shs. 30.000.000/= ( Thirty Million ) in court respectively order further reads.

The widow ( Josephine Nantaya Kabuusu) has also been directed to deposit in court the original grant to the estate of the late Wilfred Kabusu till the matter is disposed.

Lands Registrar Otto Michael Gulumale on 16th April 2015 issued interim order refraining Nantaya together with her sons from selling, dealing in Land in question belonging to Kabusu and Yoana Mulo until disposal of the said land.

However Nantaya and her sons disobeyed the said orders and continued selling the said land in question.

The land in question is comprised on Blocks 333-335 Kyengera Nabingo, block 328/338 Buganga Mawokota, Block 88 Bukerere, block 8 Rubaga Kyadondo, Block 21 Busega and Block 82-83-85 Kasai Kyagwe among others all these estates of Late Stanslaus Mugwanya, Yoana Mulo Mugwanya and Wilfred Mugwanya Kabusu.

Nantaaya Kabuusu was dragged to court by Mulo Mugalasi Michael a brother to the late Kabuusu accusing Kabusu’s widow Nantaya of unlawfully undertaking letters of administration to take charge of both estates that belonged to late Kabusu and also taking over family properties which Kabusu was administering on behalf of the family.

Mulo Mugalasi Michael a brother to the late Kabusu through his lawyers of Ssenkumba and Co Advocates insist that a widow can’t take charge of all properties both belonging to late Kabusu and also that which belonged to their grandfather Stanislaus Mugwanya one of the legends of Sir Apollo Kagwa.

Mulo Mugalasi Michael now wants Kampala High Court Lands Division to make audit of the land in Question and also stream line estate of their Father Yoana Mulo Mugwanya and that of his late brother Wilfred Kabusu Mugwanya.


Kampala - Uganda Alcohol Policy Alliance,an association fighting for tough regulations on alcohol consumption calls on Parliament to consider restrictive laws on alcohol use. The alliance calls on Parliament to collectively support the Alcohol policy in order to pass the Alcohol Bill.