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The women of the civil society and FDC women league leaders have today converged in unison at Dr. Kiiza Besigye’s home in Kasangati to pray for God intervention during his incarceration. Women leaders say despite the incarceration Dr.Besigye should not be moved by the intimidation and humiliation meted on him by the current government.

The women of civil society led by the TDA spokesperson Sheila Kawamara and FDC women league chairperson Wilfred Kiiza made their way in a piece mail until all women finally gathered at the home of Dr. Kiiza Besigye in Kasangati.Despite a few huddles of road blocks and police exchanges, the women in solidarity made it to the incarcerate d’s home for the Tuesday free my vote campaign prayers.

Joined by Dr. Kiiza Besigye and the Lord Mayor of KCCA Erias Lukwago the prayers started by 11:20 am.Delivering the day’s sermon, political activist and prominent citizen Miria Matembe ridiculed the trust she hard in Museveni saying it was Dr. Besigye and many colleagues in the NRA struggle who introduced her to Museveni before the 1986 struggle but would later be let down in the 2003 age limit political maneuvers.

[SB- MATEMBE Political Activist] She urged the FDC leaders to weigh for a heart of forgiveness before she also broke down into tears citing the struggle to regain freedom that Dr. Besigye is going through.

[SB- MATEMBE Political Activist] Matembe called for dialogue saying if Museveni came up with a proposal for reformation an issue that did not go well with the women leaders and Besigye himself he should be listened too.

[SB- MATEMBE Political Activist]


This re-echoed the women of the situation room’s stance on dialogue for a unity government between the two parties. Dr. Besigye however appealed to the women leaders to remain committed

[Col (RT) Dr. KIIZA BESIGYE Former Presidential Candidate] FDC Women league leaders from around the country led by the Chairperson also woman MP Kasese Winnie Kiiza urged women to continue the struggle and liberate the country.

Dr.Besigye condemned the ongoing clashes in the Rwenzori sub-region saying it was a creation of the current regime but remains a time bomb.