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As members of the tenth parliament take oath, they have been argued to observe domestic affairs by recalling the marriage and divorce bill 2010 that was shelved by the outgoing parliamentarians.

According to women activist, a lot needs to be done to protect domestic affairs in which some misunderstandings at that level have culminated into murders.

This as numerous cases of domestic violence continues to be reported, with the 2011 demographic and health survey putting such cases to over 43%.

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Over 74 member of the 10th parliament have today started taking oath in an exercise that last for three days. Now these are headed for an uphill task including that work that has not been accomplished by their predecessors.

Faulting the ninth parliament, the women movement in Uganda has asked the tenth parliament not to betray them by not passing the divorce and marriage bill 2010 during their tenure.

According to the women movement, passing the bill into law will help curb the reported increasing cases of domestic violence.

According to the 2011 demographic health survey, 43% of the women and more continue to experience physical violence a vice they say can be relieved by the bill that has failed to see light of the day.


According to these activists, the shelved bill will go a long way in addressing domestic sphere violence, most of whom stemming from un resolved misunderstandings including distribution of property by co-habiting couples if they have misunderstanding and intend to divorce or separate.

Some sections of the bill including a section to recognize cohabitation led to shelving the bill a matter activists say wasmisinterpreted by many including the church.

Nevertheless, according to Richard Makumbi from centre for domestic violence prevention,men also experience cases of violence and such a law in place will protect them.


To him, such violence acts happen to men because of the societal norm set up that has positioned men on top of women.According to him this lives the women with no alternative in absence of such a law women as subordinate will have the desire to revenge.