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The Democratic Party is considering challenging Parliament’s procedures saying the august house didn’t follow some procedures when passing the recent controversial bills into law. <\p>

Democratic Party President Norbert Mao announced this during the weekly press conference at the Party’s head office in Kampala.<\p>

Norbert Mao says Democratic Party’s Legal Team is working on a draft to be petitioned in court to challenge Parliament for failing follow the stipulated procedures whilst working and pass bills intro law.<\p>

Mao adds that Not every clause was subjected to 2/3 majority vote as it has always been which possess a constitutionality challenge adding that the failure to follow the required procedures is the reason why some MPs were heard saying each of the issues in the bill should have been voted on separately.<\p>

DP’s Legal Team is also considering joining efforts with that of the Uganda law society to challenge the Age Limit Law.<\p>

The Uganda law society petitioned the constitutional court on Monday this week challenging the MPs actions of extending their term of office by two years yet their oath while assuming office was 5 years. <\p>

DP is also considering strengthening its plans to dislodge the ruling NRM government led by President Museveni saying it’s off truck.<\p>

Mao says it is a suicide move for those who approved of the controversial Age Limit Law which he says it’s a starting point for Democratic Party to overcome the Museveni regime.<\p>

About the vacant positions to be filled in the Party, Mao says the Party is also considering filling up regional representatives such as northern, western and eastern though these positions were not created by the delegate conference in Katomi. <\p>

The New positions include Secretary for the workers, Secretary for the elderly, Secretary for the International and diaspora affairs and their deputies. <\p>

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