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Government plans to increase investments in food and livestock production, as a gloomy weather prediction for areas around the Lake Victoria Basin and other parts of the country threatens production of cash crops. According sources, money planned to boost cash crops like tea, and coffee will instead be diverted to enhance other crops’ performance in a bid to offset deficits arising from adverse climate conditions.

In the current budget, the Ministry of Agriculture has been allocated Ush707 billion ($207 million). Although this is an increase of $2.9 million from the 2015/16 financial year, it still falls below $296 million that was expected by players in the sector. The Ministry of Agriculture has therefore advised farmers to plant early maturing varieties although it has set aside money to mitigate drought and floods.

A seasonal climate outlook for June to August released by the Uganda National Meteorological Authority indicates light intermittent showers in the central region of the country. Dry conditions punctuated with occasional showers are expected up to the end of the season.

On the other hand, northern and eastern Uganda will receive normal rainfall. However, scientists warn that the rainfall forecast for the region is likely to be negated by an increase in diseases, especially malaria and other water-borne illnesses.

While Uganda’s forecast is specific to the country, dry conditions could prevail across East Africa. According to a review of the 43rd Climate Outlook Forum for the Greater Horn of Africa, held in Naivasha, Kenya, where climate experts reviewed global climate systems and the implications for seasonal rainfall in the region, it was observed that the region would experience La Ninã this year.

Uganda’s normal rainy season is March, April and May while June to December makes up the second rainy season.



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Kampala - The Chief Justice Bert Katureebe has called on security agencies in the Government to refrain from the fragrant abuse of the law in the course of exercising their duties.


Kampala - Preliminary investigations into the on-going masked Kiboko squad group has pinned crime preventers, informants and yet to be identified security personnel to be behind the eminent attacks on Besigye supporters. The police publicist Fred Enanga says they have managed to arrest six of the ring leaders who are going to help the police with investigations.

Among the suspects is a one Kalyango Innocent, Male Ssenyonga all Boda Boda stage chairmen operating as crime preventers in the city center. These usually masked personnel holding sticks, and police pepper spray became are concern after appearing in television footage seriously beating up Besigye Supporters where ever he appears anywhere in the city center. Surprisingly this happens amidst the presence of the police which has tentatively denied being part of the group. BYTE FRED ENANGA

The pressure amounting from the human rights activists and civil society organization forced the police to commence investigations and so-far they say they have arrested six personnel in connect ion to the above. He says the arrested that were initially recruited as crime preventers together with the divisional police commander Mission Fred attached to Katwe police station have already recorded statements at the police professional standards unit to help at investigations. BYTE FRED ENANGA

Enanga adds that the forces media monitoring unit is as well reviewing the footage to closely identify the faces of the other masked who are apparently on the run. He says once reviewed they will answerable to courts of law to answer charges related to assault and causing grievous harm. BYTE FRED ENANGA


Kampala - Civil Society Organizations dealing with Budget monitoring activities have urged the 10th Parliament to generate a strong legal instrument regarding debt management. The Organizations have singled out irresponsible borrowing indicated by non-performance loans as a major setback for the Country’s economic advancement, increasing the cost of debt management,


Supreme Court: There was tension at the Supreme Court as Journalists, Court Clerks and opposition supporters anxiously waited for Presidential Petitions from the candidates to beat the EC 10-days deadline.

These sounded to have lost hope, following denial of FDC NEC Members who


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Kololo - Embattled Minister of State for Labor Herbert Kabafunzaki has this afternoon appeared before the Anti corruption court for mention of his Corruption case and two others.


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Kampala - The Court of Appeal in Kampala has ejected Kamuli Municipality MP Rehema Watongola out of Parliament after failing to raise the required minimum academic papers equivalent to senior six.

The court also declared the Kamuli Municipality seat vacant, ordering fresh polls. Former Kamuli district Chairperson, also opposition FDC Vice President Salaam Musumba had challenged Hajjat Watongola’s election.

The three justices of the Court of Appeal Richard Buteera, Barishaki Cheborion and Paul Mugamba, ruled that when MP Watongola’s academic papers were questioned, she failed to prove the authenticity of the same, prompting them to declare her nomination illegal and subsequently declared her seat vacant.

The justices also ordered Watongola to pay Musumba all the costs. Hajjat Watongola and Ms Salaam Musumba contested for the Kamuli Municipality seat in Last year’s general elections, alongside other two, before Watongola became victorious.

Musumba challenged her opponent’s election in the high court, which concurred with her, that Hajjat Watongola’s academic papers were wanting. Watongola immediately appealed to the higher court.


By Shakira Namatende

The cooperative Union in Uganda will Wednesday submit their views to Parliament on the proposed Cooperative Societies Bill 2014.

The bill seeks to regulate groupings in the category of

Cooperative Unions that are taking a strong mobilization wave in the Country side.

The cooperative Union is seen as a strong force that draws people together into uniformity seeking to address their economic and financial challenges.

As one of the activities to celebrate the International Cooperative Week, cooperators in Uganda will submit their views to the Parliamentary Committee on Trade, seeking for among other things an independent ministry, and fully fledged cooperative bank, and a degree of autonomy from their mother ministry of Trade.

They cooperators led by Uhuru Institute for Social Development will also carry out a tree planting campaign as a gesture to restore the environment.

Earlier on, the same body flanked by Uganda Cooperative Alliance donated blood in different Blood Banks countrywide, as a social responsibility gesture.

In Kampala, it was held at the Constitutional

Square, and a total of 15,000 units of blood were collected country wide.

As Leonard Okello the Chief Executive Officer Uhuru Institute explains, the country has a dire need for blood, a resource that is not manufactured anywhere, but human generosity determines its availability.


The Institute partnered with Nakasero Blood Bank in this campaign with a target of at least 20,000 units of blood country wide.

Okello says the cooperators work towards an improved livelihood of the society, economic independence and improved healthy labor force for the country.

Byte………..Leonard Okello

Lilian Nantambi from the Nakasero Blood Bank say the collection is significant an will work to reduce the need across the country.

Byte……… Lilian Nantambi (Blood Donor Recruiter





There was scuffle at the police headquarters as police tried to block journalists from accessing court premises where ASP Muhammad Kirumura was supposed to appear for the hearing of his case.

His last appearance in court as well caused havoc in court chambers when senior commissioner


Kampala - The increase in sports betting has irked city leaders who are now calling for stringent regulations including laws that bar the activity. Upon the resumption of the English Premier League and other European soccer leagues, business is rife across most sports betting outlets in the city. The multi-billion industry has to deal with the risk of negative perception among sections of