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FDC Introduces “Mamba” Truck

Iganga - Forum for Democratic Change youths have introduced a reportedly an armored Land Rover truck to man Dr Kiiza Besigye’s security during the Campaign Trail. The Truck was unveiled on Monday by a group of Opposition youths in Iganga. The Truck, painted with a green-look army paint to the residents in

the rural Busoga, it was security enough for the presidential hopeful.

It was driven across Busoga region with youths clad in blue FDC attires, and jeans hanging onto it.

The Truck code named “FDC MAMBA” plies on the road ahead of Dr Besigye’s Convoy, as a security camouflage.

The youths, who kept on chanting FDC slogans, were under a close surveillance of Police.

Neither Security nor the Electoral Commission is yet to comment on the innovation.

The electoral Commission has always warned candidates against innovations that can lead to electoral violence.

Talking to the masses in Iganga, the Youth said they came from FDC 0 Brigade based in Jinja.