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Police Warns Besigye On Night Rallies

Kampala - Police has issued are strong warning to Dr Kiiza Besigye to stop holding Campaigning rallies beyond the hours specified in the electoral laws. This comes in response to the rallies conducted in an un-scheduled rally that was held at 8pm in Igara town in Rushere, Mbarara district last weekend.The head of inter-agency communication task Team AIGP Assan Kasingye

says the Police have commenced investigation into the incident. While on his Campaign Trail, Dr. Besigye held a Campaign Rally, which stretched through to 8pm. The electoral laws dictate that Campaigning time ends at 6pm.Such cases of defiance of the electoral law have been so-persistent of late but the police have quite often investigated to find out the Cause and who could be behind these incitements that have even gone as far as 9:00 pm.

According to police, this is so common in the Forum for Democratic Change camp, which has persistently staged rallies in un-scheduled places. The assistant inspector General of police Hassan Kasingye says the case in point is at was at Igara town council in Rushere where the rally went on up to 8pm, calling for Police intervention.


He says as police they are more determined to quash down such illegal gatherings and mandated by the constitution.Kasingye however says they have received information on how such these deviance have been manned by Candidates and their campaigning teams who have ill intentions of destabilizing peace during campaign rallies. To this effect, Police has arrested 26 people from different regions to help the police in investigations.


Meanwhile police has in the same vain continued to register cases of Ugandans escaping to Arab Countries for greener pastures. Government slapped a ban on Labour export to Arab Countries pending investigation into the reported torture and utter mistreatment of house maids by their supervisors. Police says several Ugandans have been escaping through Kenya.