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Butambala: Police has involved in running battles with residents in Mpigi who are protesting against a vote recount in the Butambala Woman MP race.

The loser in the recent Parliamentary polls for the seat Aisha Kabanda petitioned Court, seeking for a recount of the ballots from one Sub County, which was granted.

Now supporters of the victor in the race Lydia Mirembe, mainly from Butambala took to the streets in Mpigi Town, and stormed Court premises protesting the recount, set for this Monday Morning.

The Protesters argue that the recount is uncalled for as all the ballots from the said sub county were too counted.

By Press time, the process recount the ballots had not taken off.

Chaos as Central youth leaders elect their member of Parliament

The youths from the Central region who convened at Patel Shamji hall in Masaka municipality to participate in the election of their representative in Parliament have attacked the electoral commission officials accusing them of stealing their money.

The youths claimed that instead of the shillings eight hundred thousand allowances they are entitled to receive, they were given shillings four hundred thousand which was not enough.

By midday today, they were demanding for shillings four hundred thousand each before they participate in the exercise which is meant to last for one day.

Two candidates including National resistance movement’s Babirye Kityo Sarah and Arthur Katongole had by press time expressed their interest in the post.

The youths claimed that they had spent a lot of money in transport, accommodation and feeding since they reported in Masaka on Sunday evening and therefore the four hundred thousand shillings could not make any meaning to them.

One of the youths chairpersons attempted to calm them down and requested them to take part in the exercise because what they had gone for in Masaka was for the national good but they turned against him and pushed him out of the premises where elections are supposed to take place from.

Nathan Nabaasa the Masaka district returning officer made several attempts to convince the youths to exercise their right by chosing their member of parliament but they had not shown any sign of positively responding to his call.

Southern Regional Police commander Maxwell Ogwal was forced to deploy the anti-riot police to guard the premises.

Delegates to participate in the exercise are from Masaka, Kalangala, Kayunga, Rakai Sembabule, Mpigi, Mukono, Wakiso and other districts of Buganda region.