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Supreme Court: The Electoral Commission, EC has finally been moved by the immense pressure from the Supreme Court and have availed the legal team representing Amama Mbabazi in his petition in which he is seeking to nullify the victory of President Museveni.

The availing of the declaration forms to the Mbabazi legal team, was made by defense lawyers of EC led by Enos Tumusiime, before the nine-member of justices of the Supreme Court led by the Chief Justice Bart Katureebe.

The EC was heeding to the second directive made to it by the court upon request by the lawyers of Mbabazi team to have the declaration forms availed to them for scrutiny.

To confirm receipt of the said declarations forms, Michaela Akampurira, one of the counsel for Mbabaz team, said: “we confirm that we have been served with the said copies..

During yesterday’s proceedings, the issue of none receipt of the declaration forms by Mbabazi legal team came alive when Severino Twinobusingye resurrected and complained about the sticky issue.


Twinobusingye told court that the lawyers of the EC had lied to court of having given them the declaration forms and yet in the actual sense, they had just allowed them to inspect.

severino tpld court that the Mbabazi team had sought to have the expertise of a hand a handwriting expert because the DR forms we saw looked to have been written by one person. The same documents were even just smuggled into the court. These smuggled documents should be expunged from the court.

Likewise, the Chief Justice who made the directive to EC, said as court, they had not been formally been communicated to them apart from watching the same inspection on TV.

Court has also over ruled the plea by EC, NRM and AG in which they had wanted court not to allow Mbabazi team time to cross examine on these DR Forms.