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A war of legal clientele representation has erupted in Shs3.3 billion property dispute commercial case involving three businessmen over the shareholding of the premier gambling outfit, Kampala Casino.

In a letter dated February 22 that our reporter learnt of, a United Kingdom (UK) based law firm Epstein Rosenblum Maoz, has written to a local law firm Kiwanuka & Karugire Advocates & Solicitors faulting them for going ahead to representing Audley in commercial without permission from its directors.

In this letter, the UK Based law firm asserts that its client (Audley) instructed it, that the company was astonished to discover that Kiwanuka & Karugire Advocates & Solicitors law firm misrepresent itself as the company’s legal counsel in the proceedings initiated against it in the High Court of Uganda

The UK law firm states that it suspects Kiwanuka & Karugire Advocates & Solicitors were brought on board as their lawyers after getting instructions from Mr Kabonero and Peled.

But the UK law firm insists that Mr Kabonero and Peled have never been directors of Audley.

But in the affidavits submitted to court by Kabonero in reply to the claim, he asserts that on the basis of instructions from Kabonero and Peled are acting for the company in relation to the claim.

Audley Ltd is a foreign offshore company that owns the two casinos in Uganda namely; Kampala Casino and Pyramids Casino and its is one the respondents in the shareholding commercial dispute before the Commercial Court.

The other respondents are businessmen; Bob Kabonero, Shmuel Peled and Aharon Li Ran.

According to the response in reply to the commercial disoute filed by an Isreal businessman Shumuel Hirshberg Muli, Kiwanuka & Karugire Advocates & Solicitors respresented Mr Kabonero, Peled and Audley.

In the main commercial dispute, the Israeli investor (Muli) is seeking the orders of the Commercial Court to declare that he is the majority shareholder with 60% and the rest; Shmuel Peled owning 13.3%, Kabonero owning 13.3% and Aharon also owning 13.3%.

This property dispute arose late last year when the Israeli businessman Muli sued the three businessmen including Kabonero, seeking declarations that he is the majority shareholder of Audley Ltd, an offshore company that owns the two casinos.