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Civil society organizations have urged government to disclose details of the oil and gas contract sharing agreements in a bid to ensure transparency in the petroleum sector. Transparency is a notion that is being preached in all crucial developmental sectors including the oil and gas, Uganda national roads authority among others, to counter corruption tendencies.

The essence of transparency has been put forward by civil society organizations as a stronghold for maximum and sustainable resource management. It is in the light of this that they demand disclosure of the oil contracts. SB GERALD BYARUGABA, RESEARCH ASSOCIATE ACODE

The level of transparency that surrounds management of resources determines its engagement and utilization. The open bidding system is therefore presented as a stitch in time ahead of the oil and extraction process. SB IRENE SEKYANA, CHAIR COALITION ON OIL AND GAS IN UGANDA.

Government being the biggest employer has been urged to play its role as regards engineering the process of development through generating and supporting local companies. The government ought to localize resource allocation to wield power in the hands of its citizens. SB STEPHEN MUKITALE BIRAHWA, BULIISA COUNTY MP

Provided for in the public finance management act is how revenue accruing from oil should be managed. The state minister for mineral development Peter Lokeris, stages emphasis on the legalities surrounding the degree of transparency as regards national resources, though he concedes to its importance. SB PETER LOKERIS, STATE MINISTER FOR MINERAL DEVELOPMENT

As one of the pillars towards increasing investment, transparency also has the potential for creating stability for extracting companies since their dealings will be known and monitored to the majority.