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The Ministry of Education and Sports commits more efforts to support technological innovations in schools and institutions, in a wider approach to address multiple economic and social challenges in the labor market. While taking a tour though innovative and technological creativity of Students at the Galaxy International School, the Director for Basic and Secondary Education in the Ministry

Dr Yusuf Nsubuga says the ministry is creating different avenues to allow the creativity and science innovations take a centre stage in the education system of the country, as a way to address labor challenges of the country. He says allowing students to operate in an open creative environment, funding schools to access science knowledge and meaningful creativity are the key to changing the society. BYTE: DR YUSUF NSUBUGA

Nsubuga praised the creativity exhibited by students at Galaxy International School where different robotic and other technological equipments were created ti suit the different social-economic demands of the market.

Nsubuga said Schools do not need very expensive machinery to achieve the technological advancement needed, but the mindset and the will to go an extra mile in innovation and creativity. BYTE: DR YUSUF NSUBUGA

The exhibition involved Students different local schools in Entebe, Soroti and Kampala, who exhibited different technological creations through their creativity. The Products included domestic and commercial Robots, Drone Machines, eye glasses for the blind, coolant machines and preserving equipments for domestic and commercial purposes among others.

The Board Chairman of Galaxy International School Ibrahim Bicakci says the school will soon enroll a program to benefit more local schools in an educational partnership with the government. BYTE: IBRAHIM BICAKCI