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Government has started a process of recruiting over twenty three thousand Primary School teachers, in a country wide drive to fill up teaching gaps in all Primary schools. The teaching gaps have always been glaring impediments to provision of quality education to learners in the countryside. The commissioner for Primary Education in the Ministry

of Education Dr Tony Mukasa Lusambu says the process has started to fill up all the gaps, done by the District Service Commissions in the respective Districts. Dr Lusambu says a gap of Two hundred thirty thousand teachers will be filled up across the country at all levels. This comes at the heel of continued pleas by the Teachers Association- UNATU about salary increments and a glaring over load in most primary schools. Dr Lusambu says the move is geared towards improving education provision and reaching out to all learners in an efficient and effective manner. BYTE; Dr Lusambu-Commissioner Primary Education-

Dr Lusambu says the ministry is the ministry has developed a pro-active design to pay much attention to the lower Primary section. He says the schools have not paid much attention to classes of Primary 1, 2 and 3, which forms the basic foundation of a child’s learning future. Dr Lusambu says the mentioned classes above need a more close monitoring by district and lower supervisors BYTE; Dr Lusambu-Commissioner Primary Education-

Among the issues to be closely monitored by the educational supervisors include Education standards, hygiene, attendance and teachers’ teaching schemes. The minister for Education, Science, Technology and Sports Jesca Alupo say the ministry has developed a ministerial approach to use several different interventions to enhance maximization of the little resources,by closing all gaps of redundancy and incompetence. BYTE; Jesca Alupo-Minister education

Alupo says the President had directed that all serving acting head teachers should be confirmed in their respective positions, to ease promotion and remuneration. She also says Mr Museveni also directed that all the hard to reach areas should be improved to reduce unnecessary expenditures by the ministry in allowances. BYTE; Jesca Alupo-Minister for Education

During the Annual Global Action Week, issues discussed among others include the need to increase monitoring and supervision at all levels of education, the declining morale for Primary teachers, and the need to train teachers in the lower section of learning. Others include a lack of a national school feeding policy by the ministry, inadequate knowledge about the thematic curriculum and the general scarcity of science teachers at all levels. It is in such fora, that the education stake holders take stock of the year’s achievements, challenges and adopt to new approaches as well as pledges to improve the sector.