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The High Court has sentenced to life imprisonment five of the men who were yesterday convicted for having participated in the Kampala twin bombings that left at least 76 revelers who were watching a televised World Cup final match final between Spain and Netherlands in South Africa in 2010

Those condemned to life imprisonment and others had on Thursday this week, been found guilty of having masterminded the Kampala bombings but presiding Judge Alfonse Owiny-Dollo, reserved the reading of the sentencing to today.

Justice Owiny-Dollo also during the same intense sentencing session that took only thirteen minutes, sentenced two other terrorists to 50 years each in prison for the same crime. [VT NEXT] AMBIANCE

Just like yesterday, the roads still remained sealed awaiting sentencing of the Bomb Terror convicts. Security this time appeared to be more intensified in fear of any unusual event during the sentencing. Ambiance

The presiding Judge Alfonse Owiny-Dollo, who reserved passing his sentencing to today then entred court. He started with mitigation process, the prosecution led by Lino Anguzu, asked court to pass the maximum punishment of death by hanging. Lino justified his prayer for the death penalty on grounds that the aggravating circumstances that saw the convicts participate in that led to the loss of atleast 76 lives, fall in the category of the ‘worst’ of the ‘worst’ and that they deserve to suffer death. BYTE—LINO ANGUZO

But Justice Owiny-Dollo chipped and demanded from the state on why they are praying for the death sentence and yet God did not sentence the first ever murderer in the universe to death but just put a mark so that people could avoid him.

In a short response, Anguzu agreed with the judge’s example but said that was God and the court should not be bound by the same actions of God but should go ahead and impose the maximum penalty. BYTE—ANGUZU LINO—STATE ATTORNEY

On the contrary, the defense lawyers representing the eight convicts who were led by Caleb Alaka, prayed to court to be lenient on them while handing them the punishment.

In his mitigating factors in support of a lenient sentence, Mr Alaka told court that all the convicts were first offenders with a past clean record and that a death sentence is not a good punishment.

He added that their being young at the time of the commission of the offense could have been washed by the ideological and religious urge to engage in what they did. BYTE---ARAKA CALEB-DEFENSE LAWYER

The trial judge Owiny Dolo then proceeded with sentencing Muzafar Luyima, to one year’s community service in his area of Namasuba along Entebbe Road since he was facing a lighter offense of being an accessory after a crime.

While handing him the community service punishment, the judge justified that the offense he was facing attracts upto the maximum of three years and that he had been on remand for the last almost six years and that it does not serve justice to continue jeeping him in jail. breaking down his punishment, the judge said he will work for four hours for two days in a week that he will serve his punishment that he said will last for a year. ByYTE—JUDGE ON COMMUNITY SERVICE

He then adjourned the sentencing of the 7 convicts to afternoon.

He sentenced the five of the men to life imprisonment.

The judges sentencing session that took only thirteen minutes sentenced two other terrorists to 50 years each in prison for the same crime.

Those who were sentenced to life imprisonment include; Issa Ahmed Luyima, Hussein Hassan Agad alias Hussein Agade, Idris Magondu alias Christopher Magondu, Habib Suleiman Njoroge and Mohamed Ali Mohamed. Then those sentenced to 50 years each in prison were; Hassan Haruna Luyima and Selemani Hijar Nyamandondo. BYTE---JUDGE

While passing the second highest punishment under the law books of this country which is after the death penalty, Justice Owiny-Dollo held that the ‘grave crimes’ of terrorism committed at the duo social hang outs must correspondingly attract a severe punishment. This very court yesterday acquitted 5 of the suspects including Omar Awadh Omar, Muhammed Hamid Suleiman, Yahya Suleiman Mbuthia , Batematyo Abubakari, and Dr Ismail Kalule.

We learnt that these were re-arrested by police and their way about is yet to be known. Sources reveal that these are in Nalufenya and SIU in kireka.

Their lawyer too sounds unhappy about the re-arrests saying it could be proper to have them produced in court in case they have any case. BYTE---ARAKA