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Jailed Forum for Democratic Change strongman Col. [Rtd] Dr. Kizza Besigye has lambasted opposition politicians who met President Museveni under the auspices of the Inter Party Organization for Dialogue or IPOD.

Besigye’s rebuttal comes after it emerged that the politicians mainly from the UPC and DP asked the President to pardon him of Treasonous charges.

Kampala Lord Erias Lukwago who visited him today at Luzira told reporters that the former FDC Flag Bearer in the Feb. 18th Presidential Elections is not amused at all.

While at Luzira prison, were he is currently held on remand over allegedly charges of treason, Doctor Kiiza Besigye raised concern, over members of IPOD, who requested president museveni, to pardon him.

Kampala lord mayor Erias Lukwago, who had gone to visit Besigye at Luzira, revealed that Besigye is dissatisfied on the IPOD members move.


Lukwago added that Besigye was particularly incensed that all these members who met with museveni, none of them has ever visited him, at Luzira to know his situation, which is embarrassing to represent his views on such a crucial move.


Lukwago added that Besigye revealed that he cannot dialogue with museveni, because he is the one behind all his illegal torture.


It is this background, which has prompted Lukwago, seeking an apology to Besigye, from members who were behind this move.


Meanwhile, Nakawa chief magistrate eremye Mawanda, while addressing press at Luzira, denied going to meet Besigye as earlier thought.

After Besigye raising his concern of being mistreated at Luzira, and denying him justice. Instead the Trial Magistarte claims that he was visiting on the mandate of justice law and order forum of visiting prisons.

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However lord mayor Erias Lukwago raised his dissatisfaction over the changing of this program of magistrate meeting with Besigye, as earlier planned on the schedule.