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In our inside report on the illusive Ugandan refugees who were expelled from Tanzania in 2014 and have been living a hopeless life in Uganda ever since they returned home after living in Tanzania for 30 years, we disclose why the Tanzania government had to expel Ugandan refugees hugely comprised of Bakiga, Banyankole, Banyarwanda, and Barundi speaking people.

The troubled life they are living now is traced from a struggle for supremacy and recognition, a small batch of Bakiga who fled to Tanzania in 1979 after the over throw of Dictator Iddi Amin in Uganda, and had got educated in Tanzania started demanding for representation in the Tanzanian Parliament, which sparked off political unrest that culminated into the expulsion of over 7000 Ugandans who had sought refuge in Tanzania until the fateful month of July 2014.

With the expelled Ugandan refugees in Kyaka 1 refugees camp explore further misfortunes that befell the trekking troubled Ugandan refugees from Tanzania to their present location of Kyaka in Uganda, awaiting for a systematic permanent resettlement plan by the Ugandan government after president Museveni and President Magufili failed to agree about their return to Tanzania.

The struggle for political supremacy and recognition of people claiming political marginalization cause an expulsion of these Ugandan refugees who had lived in Tanzania for the last 30 years. AMBIANCE…

They had fled Uganda to Tanzania during the overthrow of President Iddi Amin’s dictatorial regime by combined liberation force comprised of Tanzanian soldiers and Ugandans, however, their expulsion from Tanzania occurred on account that having lived in Tanzania for 30 years they thought that they were Tanzanians and deserved representation in the Tanzanian parliament. MUSA ECWERU-STATE MINISTER FOR DISASTER

A small group of the Bakiga speaking dialect that had benefited from the Tanzanian education did not fore see the misfortunes that would arise should the demand for political recognition in the Tanzanian Parliament collapse on its own weight. MUSA ECWERU-STATE MINISTER FOR DISASTER

Following this uncompromisible decision by the Tanzanian government to expel Ugandan refugees, the Tanzanian government also fell short of understanding that there was some Tanzanians who had made inter-marriages with Ugandan refugees and had crossed to Uganda with their beloved ones, however, this resulted into a payback time the Ugandan government also declined to recognize their status and asked them to return back to Tanzania. MUSA ECWERU-STATE MINISTER FOR DISASTER

Away from this struggle for political supremacy and recognition; that was followed by disagreements between President Museveni of Uganda and President Magufuli of Tanzania on their return to Tanzania under the East African Community federation brotherhood, the other factor that was central to the expulsion of Ugandan refugees was the question of land, these Bakiga are reported to have started amassing huge chunks of land in Northern Tanzania. MUSA ECWERU-STATE MINISTER FOR DISASTER