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Rakai - Shocking, true and cruel, a story from a witness who saw fellow refugees being eaten in day light by the Bakooki speaking people in Rakai District of Uganda; the story in question takes away the mystery of fiction about cannibalism in Rakai district. This cruel vice saw the number of refugees dwindling from 7,000 people to a mere 4,000 people.

reports of Bakooki speaking people eating fellow human being have often been treated as fiction however, a testimony of Wilson Otafiire one of the remaining survivors of the returning refugee meat delicacy to the Bakooki cannibals makes a revelation of how many of his colleagues were eaten-up in Rakai.

Over 2000 refugees were eaten-up while they went attempted to make to ends meet of their daily life while they worked as casual laborers on plantations of cannibals in Rakai District,for those who lost their loved ones to cannibals in Rakai and others who failed to trek long distances they ended up committing suicide in River Kagera.

True and out of the shades of doubt, while they lost their properties along the way and scores falling sick on their trek to Uganda, for the cannibals in the District of Rakai where it was party time to fist on returning refugees from Tanzania to Uganda. The act of eating human beings in Rakai, saw the numbers of refugees drop from 7000 to 4000. But how did many of these refugees fall in the traps of the cannibals. NELSON OTAFIIRE-REFUGEE SURVIVOR NALONGO

For many who resisted the traps of cannibals committed suicide in River Kagera. NELSON OTAFIIRE-REFUGEE SURVIVOR But we were still skeptical we went in search of a cannibal in Kalisizo, here 13 people had been arrested in 2014 on account of murdering and eating a woman with her child. RAJAB WAMALA-DPC RAKAI JULIUS SENTONGO-COUNCILOR

With this activity of cannibalism taking away lives of people there’s no law specific law against cannibalism in Uganda. AMBIANCE… I asked this cannibal why they eat fellow people? BABOOLA-CANNIBAL

But how do you get the meat for people to eat? BABOOLA-CANNIBAL

I asked him whether he still eats the meat of human beings or he has since stopped? BABOOLA-CANNIBAL

The problems doging these refugees in the man-eater’s world are immense, we’re meant to understand that even where they are there’s no drugs in Kazinga health center three situated near Kyaka one. WILSON OTAFIIRE-REFUGEE SURVIVOR NALONGO

In spite of the cannibalism threat, the problem of poor family planning and increasing population growth in the camp remains a major challenge. WILSON OTAFIIRE-REFUGEE SURVIVOR NALONGO