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The initiator and mover of the ill fated private members bill Eng. Kafeero Sekitoleko seeking for an extension of retirement age of judges, has revealed that the battle for the same is not yet over.

Eng Kafeero Ssekitooleko’s bill proposed that the Chief Justice’s retirement be shifted from 70-75 not excluding making the term limit for the electoral body open.

In an exclusive interview with UTN reporter, Kafeero said, it’s not yet over , despite the speaker’s ruling referring the matter to await the review of Uganda’s constitution soon. Speaking in this interview, Eng. Sekitoleko said that the referral of his private member’s Bill gives him a lee way to consider including other articles in the constitution so that he comes up with more articles for amendment as opposed to what he had restricted himself to in the ill fated private members Bill.

It’s this ruling that formed the basis of a referral of a controversial private members Bill seeking for an extension of the age of judges from 65-70 years and the chief justices from 70-75.

The private members bill in question had been initiated by the MP for Nakifuuma South Eng. Kafeero Sekitoleko, who adds that its too early for members to celebrate, says this bill should be an eye opener to members on what he intends to bring on board during the constitution review coming up soon. ENG. KAFEERO SEKITOLEKO-MP NAKIFUUMA SOUTH

But earlier Eng. Kafeero had threatened to save a note of intention to sue, MP Anthony Akol of account of damaging his integrity alleging that Akol had accused him of having offered a bribe of one million

shilling and a bag of sugar to a batch of MPs to support his Age Limit private members Bill; however, Eng. Sekitoleko in the interview claims that he has not changed his position to sue Akol unless if he fulfills certain terms and conditions. ENG. KAFEERO SEKITOLEKO-MP NAKIFUUMA SOUTH