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It was color and pomp at State House Entebbe as President Museveni was hosting dignitaries, politicians, churchmen, and other guests at the Annual Thanks Giving Service. Media gurus, artists, Comedians, Members of Parliament and notable businessmen were among the revelers at the annual event that turns State House into an open prayer ground.

The event, driven on the theme “Those who trust in the lord are like Mount Zion which cannot be shaken but endures forever”,comes in the wake of 2016 general elections that the country went through largely peacefully.

Chilling Voices from numerous groups and choirs including seventh day Adventists Choirs, the Police Band, Heirs of Christ and the popular Nakki soloist all provided the much needed color for the event that turns State House into a place of praise and warship. Ambience

Shortly after 3:00pm, the President walked in, accompanied by wife Janet Museveni and few members of the first family. Ambience

Prayers ensued led by different clergymen including Pastor Dr James Serwadda assisted by others. Ambience

In his speech, Mr. Museveni regretted the much freedoms that Ugandans enjoy, that is likely to keep them in untold poverty. Mr Museveni said, Ugandans spend a lot of time in bar taking booze, and the youths take long hours in betting sharks. BYTE-Museveni

He vowed not to allow Uganda enjoy some these freedoms, where they only spend money rather than earning money. The President says Ugandans cannot end poverty while engage in buying local brew and playing sports betting day and night.

He said more Ugandans spend time in bars boozing and in Kampala the youths spend their time in gambling. Museveni said there is too much freedom which the state has to regulate in order not to lose what the government has achieved. BYTE-Museveni

In a jokey mood, Mr. Museveni noted that due to too much freedom in Uganda, Kenyans are now flooding the country to enjoy the same which is not at their home.

He noted that bars in Kenya operate during specific times in a day, while in Uganda they stay open the whole day, which he says calls for an initiative to revise the available laws and regulations. BYTE-Museveni

Mr. Museveni also called on farmers to use the available rains now to plant food, to avoid the disastrous effects of drought and hunger. While giving the closing Prayer, the first lady Janet Kataha Museveni prayed to lasting peace in areas of Kasese where armed unrest has taken over 100 lives.

She also called for unity among the different religious denominations, peaceful engagements in all issues and crying out to God for more rains, so that farmers can plant and grow enough food to feed the country.

Mrs Museveni also prayed for Ugandan children under different forms of bondage and suffering, professionals including medics, teachers, Journalists and others to work for the better of the country. Ambience

The event was attended by the Vice President Edward KiwanukaSekandi, the Prime Minister Dr RuhakanaRugunda, Ministers, Members of the Diplomatic Core, Businessmen and others groups.