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IGANGA - Police in Iganga has arrested 20 suspected commercial sex workers. In a security operation to arrest idlers and drunkards, another 8 drunkards and mentally sick persons were rounded up on Wednesday.

The operation was conducted in Iganga Town, and the suburbs to clean up the town and make it and ensure security in the festive season. Some of the sex workers were pulled out of houses, with about 6 in a single housing unit.

Others were arrested smoking marijuana and drinking alcohol, with many dressed in skimpy pieces of clothes. The operation follows increased number of crime, in Iganga town and the suburbs like robbery, prostitution, rape and defilement.

A similar operation was conducted last month and 20 people were arrested including girls between 15-18 years old. Some sex workers were seen ranting against the Police officers blaming them for using their service, and arresting them after. Pop-sex workers

The East Busoga Police spokesman James Mubi said the operation is meant to clean up the town of criminals especially during the festive season. Byte-PRO Mubi James