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Iganga Municipal Council is drowning into the mantel following the debt scandals that have been growing up since 1994.

This was revealed in the council meeting held at the town council hall as they make the end of year remarks on what has been done and the failures. In this meeting, the town clerk Luyimbazi James revealed that the council is working in a dilemma since its debts surpasses its income.

Luyimbazi said that the council has more than fifty cases in court and many others are still emerging up. Luyimbazi in a distressed condition said that if nothing to save the situation is done, council assets are most likely to be garnished. He gave an example of Tusubira who as an individual is demanding for over four hundred million shillings from the council. (Sound bite Luyimbazi James the Town clerk)

Balaba David, the Mayer of Iganga town council admitted the deep pit into which the council must cross over and said that out of the fifty cases brought forward into courts between 1994 and 2014, the council has lost thirty and only won twenty. Unfortunately, those whom the council demands money do not bather to pay while those demanding the council are looking forward to garnishing our assets.

Balaba said that per now two of the municipal council accounts were frozen; the one for works and that of LGSMD and development, youths, women do not have money to cater for their sectors. He requested the office of the prime minister and the head of state to come up and bail out Iganga Municipal Council from the yolk. (Sound bite Balaba David the mayor)

Councilor Taipaka said that the connivance between Municipal Council workers and the people who have ever worked for it has caused the fate because when money is put on the accounts, they are the workers to go and alert those who demand that it’s time to freeze the them until they have paid you. Taipaka adds that the reluctance within the council board should also be counted one of the major causes because there is no explanation for leaving people we demand to pay back our money. (Sound bite Councilor Taipaka)

Councilor Lulenzi Baamu said that the major problem facing the council is that both civil servant and political leaders have connived with other people to forge charges and take municipal council property and money. Secondly, these debts have accumulated because the council is poor. (Sound bite Councilor Lulenzi Baamu)

Today as you move around the town, road works stopped and roads are full of pot holes and garbage has spread all over the streets. This reflects the cry of these people over the frozen accounts.