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Buikwe - Residents of Buikwe district have decried the rising rates of HIV/AIDS prevalence in the district coupled with increased criminality. The residents says their leaders have not taken much interest in containing the situation through sensitizing the youths and provision of drugs to the infected persons to avert death.

It is approximately 16 kilometers from Njeru Town to Kikondo, a suburb of the Njeru Municipality in Buikwe district. Kikondo is a village located along Lake Victoria shores and also a landing site where several boats dock loaded with multiple merchandise including fish, charcoal from Buvuma Islands, food items among other things.

The site is one of the busiest in Buikwe district with fishing the major commercial activity here attracting all sorts of people with divergent lives, age and life. Most of the fisher men here go for mad fish all season round the year, despite the fact that other kinds of fish are also available. The reasons behind this scenario is not clear though.

The population here faces quite a number of challenges ranging from lack of food, poverty that bites hard, but like any other landing site, the commonest problem here is prostitution, which has increased the HIV/AIDS prevalence levels.

The site is home to about three thousand five hundred people (3500), all threatened by HIV/AIDS. Now alongside this, there comes a new threat of jiggers that have changed the lives of children and the elderly. The Residents say they need intervention by the leaders and Health Providers to rescue them from the scourge. POPS

Following this, the area MP’s Judith Babirye and Paul Ssebulime have come to the rescue of the residents to save lives. The local leaders told the MP’s that the residents do not want to have protected sex, exposing them to danger. MP Ssebulime told them that protecting their lives should be their priority, ahead of all other things. Byte-MP Ssebulime Musoke- MP Buikwe North

Despite the fact that the residents do not look at Education as a necessity, the district leadership has constructed class room blocks at the nearby school. MP Ssebulime cautioned them against neglecting their children, arguing them to buy the requirements like books, pens, uniforms and shoes Byte-Ssebulime

The District Police Commander for Buikwe District Katumba Kigundu says the residents need health extension services and sensitization. Byte- Katumba Kigundu-DPC Buikwe

As a solution to this, the local leaders have organized a Health camp to test and counsel for HIV/AIDS as well as treating other diseases. The residents expressed optimism and hope in the Health camp, as a way to improve their lives. POPS