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Police is holding three juveniles who were handled to the authorities in Koboko district by a South Sudan rebel out fit the SPLA-IO.

The juveniles, whose names have been withheld, had crossed into the SPLA-IO strongholds seeking to be recruited into rebel ranks.

It is believed that several Ugandan youths have been recruited into the ranks of the rebel group and are being used to stage ambushes between Juba and Nimule on trucks heading to either side.

Police Spoke Man Assan Kasingye told the media at Naguru that the three juveniles were handed over to the Uganda authorities by members of SPLA-IO after failing to recruit them because they were below 18 years.

The juveniles crossed into the rebel camps at Panyume-Payam point near the rebels’ strongholds, before they were rejected.

Kasingye says, the Police have information that several Uganda youths are being recruited into the rebel ranks, with some people in northern Uganda getting involved in mobilizing the youths and providing the youths the connection to the rebel fighters.

Kasingye warned the youths against the act, saying it puts their lives at the line of death.