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The Uganda Police has been hit with yet another shocker, with the Director of CIID Grace Akullo threatening to resign.

Grace Akullo who has been at the helm of Crime intelligence and investigation in the force has reportedly been grossly frustrated by elements in Police, forcing her to think of quitting the force.

The ugly fights and intrigue, according to a source in the Human Resource Department stems from some critical departments that initially belonged to the directorate of crime intelligence and investigation unit which is not functional any more.

Even before the president’s order of cleaning up the CIID department, Akullo who had earlier been praised by the President had been at logger heads with an army attaché commanding the crime intelligence unit based at Bugolobi.

Col Ndahura Atwoki who joined the police on orders of the President 3 years ago is said to be the source of Akullo’s trouble.

Several senior detectives in the department have repeatedly accused Col Ndahura as an agent of sabotage, which has incapacitated the directorate of CIID.

The Director CIID Grace Akullo blames all the problems in the department to Col Ndahura.

A source from the police human resource department revealed to UTN that the disgraced senior officer has allegedly handed in her resignation, awaiting for acceptance from the president.

“The President has not yet attended to her request. If he does, you will all know”. The source said

Talking to UTN about the same, Akullo declined to give further details, but said it was not criminal for anybody to tender in resignation not only in the police but in the entire public service. “Anyone can tender I their resignation. It is an acceptable mode of work anywhere including in the Police Force”. She said in a telephone interview.

She later referred us to Police spokesperson for she says she is not the right person to comment on the matter.

We have reliably been informed that the embattled senior investigator is plotting for a job in Bank of Uganda, reportedly as senior fraud investigating officer. This will be great riddance and a career saving achievement for Akullo known for her smart investigative work.

Akullo has served in the force for more than two decades, with several key assignments and thorough investigative jobs that enabled her climb through the ranks.

One of the most famous cases she ever handled was the Office of the Prime Minister Scandal involving over Shs. 500 billion. Senior Accountant Geoffrey Kazinda and others were prosecuted.