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By Nakiyingi Sumayya

The Katikiro of Buganda Charles Peter Mayiga has challenged Ugandans to promote local brands in an attempt to respond to the global business dynamics.

The Katikiro Charles Peter Mayiga was addressing media after touring Twekobe, the cultural offices for the Kabaka currently under renovation.

Katikkiro Mayiga says so often people neglect local brands by importing foreign materials which he says has contributed to failure to develop local brands.

The Katikkiro commended Buganda Nkeretanyi group for remolding Twekobe to fit the global demands. BYTE

The Katikkiro also argued Ugandans to steak to their traditional norms and values for dignity. BYTE

The Katikkiro commended the team for undertaking to do the refurbishment of Twekobe calling upon Ugandans in the civil construction industry to give a hand. Byte

In a related development, the speaker of Clan titular heads council, {Olukiiko lwa abataka} Omutaka Kasibante Kayiira Gajuule has challenged clan Titular heads to build strong clan fundamentals which he describes as the foundations of Kingdom. BYTE

He made the remark during the one day conference for Abataka in Lubiri as one of the activities to mark the Jubileeo celebrations.

Omutaka Kasibante challenged clan heads to steak to cultural norms and values. BYTE

Kabaka of Buganda Ronald Muwenda Mutebi II was crowned Kabaka of Buganda on 31st July 1993 and this year’s celebrations marked 25 years on the Crown.

The Refurbishment of Twekobe is done by Buganda Nkeretanyi.